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Fromage  Wine Bar & Restaurant provides catering that can include a wide range of occasions, from formal weddings and corporate events to casual backyard barbecues and birthday parties.

Corporate Events: We provide catering for corporate events, such as conferences, meetings, and company parties. These events may require a range of services, from simple breakfast and lunch options to more elaborate menus and bar services.

Private Parties: Private parties such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday celebrations are also everyday occasions  We provide a range of options, including buffets, plated dinners, and hors d'oeuvres.

Fundraisers: Catering services may also be required for fundraising events, such as charity galas, auctions, and benefit dinners. These events may require a formal, upscale menu or a casual buffet-style service.

Sporting Events: Catering services may be required for sporting events, such as tailgates or team banquets. These events may require portable food stations or concession-style services.

We can tailor services to each event's specific needs and requirements, taking into account the number of guests, dietary restrictions, and budget. 

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