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  • Dinner size, 6.5 x 6.5 inches, 20 counts. Grapevines look elegant, classic, and are usually used to represent prosperity in abundance. To dwell under the vine and tree is an emblem of domestic happiness and peace. 
  • These vintage napkins are perfect for fancy cocktail tea party for just the two of you or bigger crowds with cheerful friends. Great designer napkins for family unions, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries in casual and formal settings. 
  • And you never have to worry about it being out of seasons because it can be used for all seasons. These purple grape napkins are decorative for decoupage artwork and creating great table settings for any occasion. A pack of these vintage napkins can be added to a beautiful housewarming gift basket. 
  • These European napkins are safe and eco friendly beverage napkins. 
  • These environmental friendly napkins are Made in the Netherlands using great European quality paper. Cheers! 


Grape Napkins Decoupage Napkins Luncheon Cocktail Paper Napkins Decorative

SKU: 0000031
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